Lynch and Associates provided civil engineering and surveying services for this car lover’s lakeside retreat located on Geneva Lake. The project features underground stormwater management, trench drains, brick pavers and extensive retaining walls. Click here for more information and close up pictures of this beautiful projectRead More →

After a noticeable decline in pumping capacity and poor water quality, the Village of East Troy had taken Well 6 offline.  Lynch & Associates worked with the Village to provide design and construction services for well rehabilitation that included chemical treatment in conjunction with airburst technology to treat the well. Read More →

Valley View Drive Design, Construction Observation, and Construction Management services were performed on this project. The design of the downstream structure for this project was a customized structure design to diminish turbidity during heavy rain events preventing the existing washout issues which were plaguing the Village in it’s existing condition.Read More →

Design of this project consisted of storm sewer, sanitary, curb & gutter replacement, sump pump tile tie-ins to the existing storm sewer main, drive approaches, and full depth pavement reconstruction as well as updating ADA ramps to current ADA standards. Bidding of the construction project took place in March 2017Read More →

Globe Drive Construction Management and Observation in Mt. Pleasant, WI Teaming with the Village of Mt. Pleasant on the construction of Globe Drive was a great municipal project including installation of water, sewer, stormwater , new roadway, curb and gutter, and necessary infrastructure for this new development area within theRead More →

Valspar Containment Lynch & Associates designed two spill containment structures, piping, and appurtenances. Along with designing this creative solution to handle emergency spill containment, Lynch also regraded the loading and unloading areas to promote stormwater drainage from the site, stabilization of subgrade for heavy truck traffic, and repaving of theRead More →

Frye Lake Golf Course – Sherrard, IL Fyre Lake Golf Club is a beautifully designed Nicklaus Golf Course. Our team participated in the civil design aspects of this project. We are especially proud of the showcase bridge and island green created for this project.Read More →